Simple Minds – New Gold Dream Tourbook 1982


Simple Minds – New Gold Dreams Tourbook 1982
we’ll kick off with a look at the tourbook from
simple minds – for the new gold dream tour.

i didn’t get to see them until 1985. but this tourbook
from 1982, is beautiful.

lots of nice color pictures, and great descriptions.

it matches the album very well.

there’s a lot of information about the tour here:

About the tourbook:
The band’s first tour programme; a 14 page booklet packed with pictures, biographies, discography
and more. It was written by Adam Sweeting (who was writing the official biography of the band) and
designed by Malcolm Garrett.

here’s some samples



please send a message if you would like
to get a link to the PDF version of the
full tourbook.

next up a tourbook from big country
for the crossing.

13 thoughts on “Simple Minds – New Gold Dream Tourbook 1982

  1. I’d very much enjoy receiving a pdf/link for the New Gold Dream tourbook… I’d love to have Sparkle in the Rain as well… Thank you for your generosity… Peter Walsh really helped the boys make a gem with New Gold Dream…

  2. Ciao, mi potresti fornire il link per il «New Gold Dream Tourbook 1982». Ti ringrazio davvero molto

  3. Hello, can you give me the link for the “New Gold Dream Tourbook 1982 ‘. Thank you very much

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