New Order – Songbook 1981-1989

here is a songbook for new order, including

songs from 1981-1989

there are a ton of cool images in it.

also, if you know how to read sheet music,

you can play it.

there are lyrics too, which are pretty close to the

actual ones to read also.

check it out:



contact me for pdf Links.   

Sorry, but due to no responses from anyone, the link for sharing has concluded.

Please contact other people in the comments, that have it.


42 thoughts on “New Order – Songbook 1981-1989

  1. Oh my god! I’d love a copy of this PDF! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! A million thank-yous. I’m I’ve been buying these a song at a time while looking for a book with them all. Please, if you can, send me a copy of the PDF.

    • put up some videos or clips on youtube.

      NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON who asked for these has done so,
      and i will stop taking requests shortly.

      sent a link to email.


  2. Hello Sir.

    I have been looking for the songbook for DECADES. I have been of fan of New Order since Brotherhood, and I listen to Shellshock at least once a day. Please please please send me the PDF link to Thanks.


  3. all current requests should have a link sent to them.

    due to the non response of anyone that has gotten it.

    i will stop taking requests soon, so any request for it will be ignored.


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