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  1. Hi, could you send me a link for the PDF of New Order music 1981-1989? Thank you so much for scanning it, I never found the book anywhere….
    Heitor Granafei

  2. Hi, I would love to get the links for all of the Tour Books etc that you have on the site. I know that’s a bit greedy but never got these back in the day and would love to see them iin full now. Thank you for putting them up and for the hard work involved.

  3. Hello! I chanced upon your New Order songbook post in the NOOL forum – could I get the PDF links to it? Thought I’d try my hand at reading the tabs/scores for the songs 🙂

  4. Hi.. Would love to read anything you have but would especially appreciate any sheet music, especially New Order and the Human League. If you can email any links I’d appreciate it.

  5. Hello, really interested in the Simple Minds Tour Books, possible to send me some pdf links?
    Thanks in advance!!

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